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Borrow Rules & Regulations

1.Readers with a University ID card can browse and borrow books. Readers from the other organizations can also browse and borrow books if they have interlibrary loan certificate or letter of introduction. Please show the library card issued by the library (Employee card for employees without University ID, the teacher card, the retirement certificate, the introduction letter and the employee card for readers from the other units ) and sign the registration when you enter a separate reading area (room)

2.The closed stacks, special resources and the map room are for the closed frame borrowing while all the other stacks are open-shelf reading rooms. Please take on demand, and return the books to study desks or book carts after you finish reading them. The staffs will stack them to the original book shelves.

3.Special collections, retrieval reference books, periodicals, maps etc. are limited for reading in the library. Please fill in the copy application form, leave your university ID card as a pledge and return the books on the same day if you want to photocopy in the library. For books or documents those are approved to check out, if they are overdue or lost/ damaged, fines will be charged with the library's related rules.

4. Borrowing and returning rules

(1).Borrowing: Current faculties and staffs, graduates can borrow 30 books for 60 days (except literature books); undergraduates can borrow 20 books for 30 days; other readers with library card can borrow 2 books for 30 days. You can only borrow 5 literature books for 30 days at a time. And you cannot continue to borrow books until you return the overdue books and pay off the fine.

(2).Return and Renew: You should return the items voluntarily (the expiration date shall be automatically postponed to the first work day following the legal holiday.);The items can be renewed for another 15 days at least 5 days before the expiration date. Renewal is only for once. If the book is reserved by another user or you have overdue books and debts, renewal will not be approved.  When special circumstances arise, you will be required to return the unexpired books as soon as you receive the library's notice.

(3).Holds: If all duplications of the item you need are already checked out, you can place holds online or submit a reservation request on the library’s circulation desk. You will be notified via e-mail, telephone and library's website once the requested book is available. The requested book will be kept at loan desk for only 3 days. Any delay will result in failure of reservation.

(4).Suspension: You will not be approved to borrow books if you violate the library's rules or hurt other readers' rights. During the suspension period, you can only browse the collections until the suspension period expires.

5.If the items are in urgent need for teaching and research while they are not collected in the library, you can request through interlibrary loan or document delivery.

6.Taking good care of the documents is the responsibility and obligation of every reader. Don't deface, tear or steal books. Anyone who violates the regulations will be punished according to the library's relevant regulations.