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       Northwest A & F University Library has been built since more than 80 years ago. Its predecessor was the library of National Northwest Forestry College which was established in April 1934.

       In September 1999, with the approval of the State Council,seven units including the former Northwest Agricultural University, Northwest Forestry College, the ministry of water resources for water and soil conservation institute Chinese Academy of Sciences, the ministry of water resources northwest institute of water conservancy science, Shaanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shaanxi Academy of Forestry, Northwest Institute of Botany Shaanxi Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences merged and set up Northwest A & F University. In July 2000, seven units' libraries formally merged and founded Northwest A & F University Library.

       With the support of the national "211" and "985" projects, Northwest A & F University Library has developed into a modern library with unique architectural style, diverse collections and complete facilities. The building consists of three parts: the South Campus Library, the North Campus Library and the branch library of Soil and Water Conservation Institute.

       The South campus library adopts a modern design while the North campus library is simple and elegant. These two buildings deftly merge their humanistic environment with ecological environment. The three golden Chinese characters "Tu Shu Guan" above the library building was the handwriting of Moruo Guo, the former deputy director of the National People's Congress and the former dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

       Eighty years have seen major progress in building the infrastructure and hardware and the NWAFU library has reached the advanced level among the domestic university libraries. With advanced facilities and convenient service, the NWAFU Library is in the modern digital library's early phase. The total construction areas of NWAFU Library is 32,284.32 square meters, with 2964 seats for readers including 468 seats in e-reading rooms; Up to December 31, 2016, the total printed items have reached 2.511 million, including 1.951 million Chinese and western books, 354,000 bound Chinese and western periodicals, 19,000 theses/dissertations and187,000 other documents etc.. The library holds 144 databases which are composed of 4 self-built databases and 140 purchased databases, providing 8 Chinese and western e-books database, 42 e-journals databases, 38 multi-media databases, 11 abstract and index databases, 4 theses and dissertations databases, 13 comprehensive search platforms. Now the library’s collections have covered all the disciplines of the NWAFU, mainly on agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, biology, mechanical and electronic engineering, natural resources and environment, information engineering etc. The NWAFU Library's collections consist of printed items and e-books, which are emphasized on the area of arid and semi-arid areas of agriculture.

      Now the NWAFU Library has a completely upgraded LAN in a much higher speed than ever before. A united and automatic management system Jiangsu Huiwen is applied. A conveniently self-service borrowing system RFID which allows readers borrow and return books on their own. The library provides circulation service, book browsing, sci-tech novelty retrieval, document delivery, web information retrieval, multi-media browsing, reference, Selective Dissemination of Information Service, information compilation and analysis etc. The library is the ministry of education “Sci-tech novelty search workstation” which is also responsible for training for undergraduates’ and graduates’ information literacy education.

       Besides hardware construction, the NWAFU Library pays much attention to the improvem the librarians' qualifications and academic research. The academic atmosphere in the library is very strong. And the librarians are tracking the latest frontier development of library and information industry and combining the actual condition to carry out related research.

      The library has 136 employees, 68 members of who hold bachelor , 1 Ph.D and 20MA. Library Weekly open hours are 98 hours, Online information access is available 24/7 for all the NWAFU teachers and students to browse or retrieve information.

      Innovative service and creative management give the library huge motive power that inspires the library to progress. Recent years have witnessed the vigorous development and remarkable achievements of innovation in mechanism, service, management and technology. The library has also earned the teachers’, students' and the community's recognition. What's more, the library is developing more domestic and international peer cooperation (the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and other 16 countries and regions)

     The NWAFU Library is now entitled as a committee member of the National Committee on Library and Information Service of University and of the University library of library society of China, the vice chairman member of Chinese Association of Agricultural Libraries, managing director member of Shaanxi Academic Library and Information Committee, executive member of Library committee of Shaanxi Province as well as the Sci-Tech Novelty Search Workstation of Chinese Ministry of Education. As the information resource and service center,the library engages with the ongoing informatization of school and society and empower the NWAFU's research and teach with deep expertise, innovative services, and rich collections. The library will implement the Chinese Communist Party’s educational policy and is supporting the NWAFU to be the world-class university.